Webinar 5: Self-Check Answers

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Violet Taylor’s article: Reciprocal Supervision


Answers to Wellness and Peer Support Self-Check Quiz…..

(1) A team may be described as… (Choose the best answer.)

    • People with a common purpose
    • People with complementary skills
    • People with different roles or perspectives (such as different disciplines and/or different positions like co-workers and supervisor)
    • All of the above**

(2) Conflict in the workplace is… (Choose the best answer.)

    • Inevitable**
    • A matter for supervision
    • Cause for dismissal
    • To be avoided

(3) Staff may be concerned that peer supporters… (Choose the best answer.)

    • Will relapse
    • Can’t handle the stress of the job
    • Will cause harm by saying the ‘wrong’ things
    • All of the above**

(4) Consequences of conflict in the workplace include…(Choose the best answer.)

    • Stress, burn-out, fatigue, reduced job satisfaction, and possible termination
    • Co-optation
    • Internalized stigma
    • All of the above**

(5) According to the stages of team development, which stage is necessary for the development of a high performing team? (Choose the best answer.)

    • Forming
    • Norming
    • Storming**
    • Reforming


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