Webinar 3: Self-Check Answers

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Answers to the Recovery Roles and Values Self-Check Quiz…..

Check the answers you provided against the following answer key.

1. Values are: (choose the best answer)

  • Based on beliefs
  • Different for different professions
  • A way to decide what is right and what is wrong
  • All of the above**

2. Integrity is (choose the best answer):

  • When a person’s actions match his or her values**
  • Easy when a person’s values are in writing
  • Doing only what is necessary
  • All of the above

3. Ethics are (choose the best answer):

  • The same as boundaries
  • A basis for performance evaluation**
  • Less important for peer supporters than other professions
  • All of the above

4. Boundaries may be different for different professions because (choose the best answer):

  • The training and job responsibilities are different
  • The comfort level with interpersonal interaction is different
  • The code of ethics is different
  • All of the above**

5. Recovery values relate to peer support practice because (choose the best answer):

  • Good peer support models (is a living demonstration of) the principles of recovery
  • Other professions may have a different focus and other priorities than recovery
  • In peer support, ethical decisions are based on how to best support a person in recovery
  • All of the above**


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