Webinar 20 – Self Check

WRAP and Peer Support
with Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. and Jane Winterling


Webinar Description

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP™) has become a fundamental wellness tool. The proven success of WRAP in helping people maintain wellness has made WRAP fundamental to peer support training.

Mary Ellen Copeland was involved in the development of WRAP when it was first developed by a group of 30 peers in 1997. Along with others in that group, she was one of the first people to develop and use her own WRAP. She is the author of many WRAP resources. In this webinar she will examine WRAP as it relates to peer support and how this powerful wellness tool can be vital for peer supporters and those they serve.

Learning Objectives

After completing this webinar you should be able to describe:
• WRAP values, ethics and Key concepts
• How the development of WRAP enhances the peer support relationship
• Use of WRAP as a personal guide to daily living, recovery and wellness.

Self-Check Questions

  1. In your own words, what did you learn from the role plays?
  2. How can you apply what you learned from the role plays?
  3. What else was memorable in the webinar:
  4. How can you apply what you learned from today’s webinar?
  5. In what ways can you apply what you learned today in your personal wellness or practice of peer support?

The presentation included role play examples of how peer support methods are effectively used with WRAP.

This webinar is based on the book WRAP and Peer Support that Mary Ellen Copeland wrote with Shery Mead in 2004. That book is currently being revised by Mary Ellen and Shery, with input from other peer supporters, and will be available later this year.