Webinar 17: Self Check

Click here for presentation slides: Webinar-17_va_presentation

Quiz questions for Webinar 17—Peer Support Services in the VHA presented by Dan O’Brien-Mazza

Learning Objectives

After completing this webinar participants will be able to:

  • ·       Identify why systems change is important
  • ·       Recognize how peer specialists are important to system change in the VA
  • ·       Describe implementation issues
  • ·       Discuss supervisory supports

In what year did recovery-oriented mental health services begin in the VA?

1)     1969

2)     1984

3)     2006

4)     Not applicable (there are no recovery-oriented services in the VA)


Which of the following requirements is common to all peer specialist positions in the VA?

1)     Veteran

2)     Mental health condition

3)     Other than dishonorable discharge

4)     All of the above


The VA currently offers qualified peer specialists which of the following?

1)     Career ladder

2)     Living wage

3)     Opportunities to be an agent of change

4)     All of the above


Which of the following has the VA found to be the most challenging factor in integrating peer specialists?

1)     Stigma

2)     Resistance to change

3)     Lack of understanding about the peer role.

4)     All of the above


The supervisor’s role

1)     Is the authority in the chain of command

2)     Is to ensure the delivery of services are done in a clinical manner

3)     Is to develop a relationship for mutual sharing

4)     All of the above


Click here for a PDF of the presentation slides: Webinar-17_va_presentation