Webinar 11 – Self-Check (Recovery to Practice)

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Learning Objectives:
Those who attend the workshop will be able to…
• Recognize the goal of the overall Recovery to Practice project and disciplines involved
• Identify the purpose and scope of the iNAPS RTP training for working peer supporters
• Describe collaborative learning and how it is used in the iNAPS RTP training
• Locate information online about the RTP curriculum
• Describe how this curriculum meets the unique needs of working peer providers

1) The goal of the Recovery to Practice project is to:

• Prepare peers to be hired
• Infuse recovery principles in behavioral health
• Allow professionals to disclose their own history of mental illness
• Prove recovery

2) Peer providers are trained through Recovery to Practice to be able to:
• Show completion of required training for initial certification
Share best practices with other experienced peer providers
• Supervise other peers
• Start-up a peer-run organization

3) Collaborative learning as it is used in the Recovery to Practice training is:
• A different power dynamic from the typical classroom training
• A shift from expert presenter to group sharing and individual reflection
• Participants learning from themselves and each other
All of the above

4) Information about the Recovery to Practice training for peer support providers can be found in which location?
• SAMHSA Recovery to Practice site under Professional Awardees
• iNAPS website in the Recover to Practice section
• DBSA website under Peer Specialist continuing education
All of the above

Note abbreviations: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS) and Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)


5) The Recovery to Practice curriculum meets the needs of working peer supporters by:
• Exploring complex work-related topics in a group of peers
• Sharing best practices from real world experience
• Providing fun techniques to share recovery with co-workers and those being supported
• All of the above

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Click here for a PDF of the Presentation Slides