Webinar 1: Self-Check Answers

Answers to the Foundations of Recovery for Peer Supporters Self-Check Quiz…..

Check the answers you provided against the following answer key.

1. In the context of this webinar and SAMHSA-Funded Project, RTP stands for: (choose one answer)
  • Recovery Transforms Peers
  • Recovery Techniques for Peers
  • Recovery to Practice
  • None of the above
2. Based on the SAMHSA definition, mental health recovery is (choose one answer):
  • Not possible
  • Possible but only for some diagnoses
  • Possible with the right medication
  • A process of change
3. Mental health recovery can be hard to measure because it is highly dependent upon a person’s (choose one answer):
  • Values
  • Perceptions and attitudes
  • Belief in recovery
  • All of the above
4. A peer supporter uses specific skills to develop mutual and trusting relationships with those they support. Skills that include supportive listening, selective sharing, multicultural awareness and (choose one answer):
  • A positive attitude
  • A focus on the person’s strengths
  • A recognition of the effects of trauma and an appropriate peer response
  • All of the above
5.  As a peer supporter, it is important to share appropriate elements of one’s personal story and personal definition of recovery not only with the peers one supports, but with a wide variety of people in the community. (True / False)
    • True
    • False
    • Other (specify)

    This is mostly true (so we will accept that response). The main issue is for peer supporters to recognize when they are sharing a part of their story to make a specific point – for the benefit of the person who is being supported (or educated). A common guideline for peer supporters is to always share their story in ways that inspire others — and not just to vent.

If you answered Other (specify) with an added explanation, we will accept that response as well. In future webinars in this series, we will explore this question in more depth. 


Click here to download the presentation slides.

5 thoughts on “Webinar 1: Self-Check Answers

  1. Wow he hardest question was the first….not the best at which words fit the best. And I took notes.

  2. Glad to have passed. Looking forward to the next webinar.
    The questions were just hard enough to make me think over my answers

  3. Thank You Steve & Peter, Excellent! Looking forward to the next one, will be sharing this with peer supporters in my area who were unable to be on the all 😉
    Best Regards

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