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Peer Specialist Training and Certification Programs in the U.S.


Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health School of Social Work University of Texas at Austin. Report prepared by Laura Kaufman, M.A. Wendy Brooks Kuhn, M.A. Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D.


by Allen S. Daniels and Peter Ashenden

As of the summer of 2015, 42 states and the District of Columbia have established programs to train and certify peer specialists and 4 states are in the process of developing and/or implementing a program.
State of Peer Support - Daniels

(Presentation given at the NYAPRS Annual Conference in 2015)


National Overview of Peer Specialist Training Programs 
(2014 version of the TIEMH Report – kept onsite for historical comparison purposes)

This comprehensive report provides details on 38 states (as of 2014) that had developed peer specialist certification programs. An update is provided above. .


Kaufman, L., Brooks, W., Bellinger, J., Steinley-Bumgarner, M., &
Stevens-Manser, S. 2014. Peer Specialist Training and Certification Programs: A National Overview.

Nationally Recognized Training Providers

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