Looking for resources or reference materials related to peer support provider practices? Check these out!

Recover Resources (formerly NAPS Bookstore)

NAPS has grown so rapidly that our bookstore service has been shifted to a peer owned/operated micro-enterprise.

Recover Resources has been a long-time sponsor of the National Association of Peer Specialists (NAPS).

To order the popular peer specialist training manuals (student and instructor editions) and other recovery-oriented posters, books, DVDs, go to:

Other products, including posters and jewelry, go to:

Recovery Innovations Resources 


Take Recovery Opportunity Centers;

ADVANCED PEER PRACTICES online training course.

After training more than 3000 peers in our Peer Employment Training course and integrating our workforce to include almost 70% peer employees, we developed an advanced class for peers who are ready to “step up” and move to a more sophisticated way of working.  This is not about clinical skills, but rather about learning how to use one’s inherent skills and knowledge more purposefully and intentionally.

This advanced study of peer support work educates participants in how to take their work to a new level.  At the advanced level of peer support the participants can take on new challenges and succeed in meaningful outcomes for themselves and the people they serve.

Call toll free at 866-481-5362 for information and details.

Rand Report (Consumers as Providers of Services)

A great report from a respected, independent source about consumer provider services is available from the Rand Corporation. To access the report, go If the report is “retired,” just enter “tr584” in the search box that will pop up. This is one you will want to download!

SAMHSA Resources

The website for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a gold mine of valuable and free resources. Check it out by going to:

Featured SAMHSA Resource – Financing Recovery Support Services

In these economic times, you may wonder – how do you finance peer support programs? A publication from SAMHSA may have some answers. Although a March 2010 report entitled “Financing Recovery Support Services” focuses on substance abuse support, the profiles of innovative funding strategies are equally applicable to mental health settings. For a free download of the report (50 pages), go to:

Pillars of Peer Support (Recommendations from States with Peer Specialist Programs)

A wonderful background paper for anyone interested in peer support should read “Pillars of Peer Support.” It is a report resulting from a Carter Center summit and provides wonderful information about what states are doing in regard to peer support. It is a free download at:

NASMHPD Guide to Peer Specialist Working in In-Patient Settings

The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) Office of Technical Assistance is pleased to announce a new technical report entitled “Paving New Ground–Peers Working in In-Patient Settings,” which details the development of peer roles in mental health settings.

This “lessons learned” guidebook identifies and highlights some of the hospitals in the country that have been most successful. Through the use of stories and narratives, the average day of peer specialists is documented including their special challenges and rewards, and what they most value in their positions.

The guidebook is available as a free download at: