New Request for Participation

Greetings! I am contacting you in the hopes you can help a researcher from Portugal who is studying peer support. I believe her study will require only a quick survey or two and she is also interested in surveying peers who have received or are receiving peer support. I’m hoping you can help her out. It is projects like this that help us understand the dynamics of peer support so we can better help those we support. If you are interested, please respond to her at the following email address. Thanks for your assistance! ~ Steve Harrington

Journal Articles on the Effectiveness of Peer Support

The list below is a summary of research that has studied the value of peer support. This list and will continue to grow as there are several researchers who have reports that are soon to be released.

Many of the documents listed are proprietary so they will have to be accessed via various research databases. Some are free downloads, some are not but those can be accessed with subscriptions to journal databases such as

This list was, almost entirely, created by Larry Davidson. Many thanks for your ongoing support Larry!

Professional Journal Articles on the effectiveness of Peer Support

WRAP as an Evidence Based Practice

One of the most common peer support practices and recovery programs is the Wellness Recovery Action Plan™ (WRAP™). After extensive study, based on a specific protocol, WRAP has been designated as an evidence-based practice as described in the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). To learn more about WRAP and the study that led to this designation, visit:

WeSearch Together

This is a registration site for researchers to find participants to enroll in studies – and for those who would like to participate in research related to mental health issues, to find researchers who are doing research of interest.

Other Research on Peer Support Practices 

If you have other research on Peer Support Practices that you would like to submit – send email to