Open Jobs

Open Jobs Announcement List

The Open Jobs Google Group is a list of peer support provider (and related) job openings submitted by employers.

Announcements are posted “as is.” Language used in postings may not represent the spirit or values of peer support as promoted by iNAPS. 

To view the current list, go to:!forum/naps_open_jobs

Openings are posted as they are submitted and listed chronologically. The top job in the list is the most recent submission.


If you are a qualified applicant for one of the open jobs,
contact the employer in the listing directly.

Submitting Job Openings – Employers

If you have a job opening, copy and paste the following information into an email:

  • Location of job (city / state – and any additional details)
  • Title of the job
  • Job description
  • Qualifications
  • Dates you will accept applications
  • Contact information

Send email with JOB OPENING: << fill in city and state and job title>> in the subject line to:

(no attachments please)

Your job opening will be posted on the web site and forwarded to those who have subscribed to the Open Jobs google group, which is accessible by peer providers / supporters nationwide.

Know of Job Openings?

If you receive information about an open job that is not listed, feel free to submit the information (see format and email address above).

Subscribing for Automatic Notification

If you would like an automatic notification when a new job is posted, send an email to the following address, with SUBSCRIBE TO JOB LIST  in the subject line: