Global Peer Supporter Celebration Day

The 2017 Global Peer Support Celebration will be on Thursday, October 19.

A special event will be held at the Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on the morning of Wednesday, October 18 to celebrate the day before sending peers from around the world back home to celebrate in their hometowns.

Join us in this worldwide celebration of Peer Support!

Encourage everyone you know to join us!!


This year’s celebration was on Thursday, October 20, 2016.

Some examples of how it was celebrated….

tucson gpscd

Proclamation presented at the Tucson, AZ Global Peer Support Celebration





For more on how the 2016 Global Peer Support Day was celebrated worldwide, visit the Facebook page: 


The first Annual Global Peer Supporter Celebration Day,
which was Thursday, October 15, 2015

All indications are that the day was celebrated by peers in the U.S. and abroad in a variety of ways. Below are just a few of the reports we’ve been getting. Be sure to check the official Facebook page for more photos and stories!

Reports from the Field! 

Gladys Christian receives  recognition for her community services from the City of Winston-Salem, NC.


Gina Calhoun reporting from Fairfax County, Virginia. Day One  (Global Peer Support Day) offered a luncheon and a Total Health Training.  Day Two was a community health conference where the Fairfax County Team and I are offering my story as a mini-play and 2 peer workers are being honored. We are celebrating big time in Virginia!!

Fairfax Falls Church WRAP #3 on 10-15-2015

Reporting from Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care in New Jersey, Marie Verna and Cherie Castellano

Rutgers UBHC Global Peer Celebration Day-General Graham

Rutgers UBHC Global Peer Celebration Day-Map

Please pass on to Steve my heartfelt wishes for a healthy physical, mental and spiritual recovery.  Here at Rutgers UBHC, we are so grateful that the International Association of Peer Support (iNAPS) let us know about Global Peer Supporter Celebration Day.

Here are some photos of our event and as our producer, Ravi Maharajh, can get back to the office, we’ll send along an unbelievable movie-type thing that showed quotes from all of the colleagues of the over 100 Peer Specialists and Peer Supporters working throughout our system about how much they value the peers’ contributions.

The background music was all of the songs that peers say keep them going when the work gets hard:

  • “Start Me Up”—the Rolling Stones
  • “Gonna Fly (the theme from ‘Rocky’)—Bill Conti
  • “I Will Survive”—The Grateful Dead
  • “Say What You Need to Say”—John Mayer
  • “California Dreaming”—Mamas and the Papas
  • “Fly”—Maddie and Tae
  • “You Never Walk Alone”—Josh Groban
  • “Will the Wolf Survive?”—Los Lobos
  • “Fountain of Sorrow”—Jackson Brown
  • “Eye of the Tiger”—Survivor
  • “Unwritten”—Natasha Bedinfield
  • “You’ll Be Alright”—Musiq Soulchild
  • “I Won’t Let Go”—Rascal Flats
  • “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”—Rolling Stones
  • “Turn, Turn, Turn”—The Byrds

We’d love to hear what happened all around the world at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time.  Send it along as you get it.

Keep the faith,

Marie Verna and Cherie Castellano

Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

Andy Bernstein reporting from Camp Wellness in Tuscon, AZ

Here are two photo’s for Global Peer Support Celebration Day.  One is our Camp Wellness staff, and the other is the one staff person who couldn’t make it in today, so she sent us a picture of her in her Camp Wellness t-shirt!  If you could load both that would be awesome!

peer support camp wellness staff

peer support camp wellness paris single in UA shirt

Reporting from Philadelphia, PA

Happy Global Peer Supporter Celebration Day!🎆🎉🎇
Kudos to all who work so hard to promote, serve and live the life of Peer Support!!!

Clarice and the Team at the Institute for Recovery and Community Integration

Mental Health Association of SE Pennsylvania
1211 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Who else participated?

Here is a small sampling of those who are celebrating the day! If you celebrated, describe who you are and what you did in the comment section below and/or





Edinburgh Cyrenians


Global Peer Supporter Recognition Day (Organizers)

Teamwork hands and sun logo





Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care



Transformation Center




Add a comment below to let us know who you are and how you celebrated the day!!

8 thoughts on “Global Peer Supporter Celebration Day

  1. I am Carolyn Hall of Colorado. My boss and me are doing a presentation on this day addressing the Peer Specialist Movement in a Crisis Call Center. What Peer Specialist are doing in supporting Peers across the state and what that looks like.

  2. Peer Specialists are living examples of HOPE to those who are struggling with their recovery. Peers enrich and enhance the therapeutic services being offerd at our Facility

  3. Peer workers have come such a long way and its fair to say that they have made a big difference in many individuals lives I am proud to be involved in pushing to move it forward and to make it a truly valued and recognised within our health services .stay strong everyone and keep up your truly amazing work Recovery is possible .

  4. I am Helen Johnson of Nashville, TN. The agency Tennessee Mental Health Consumer’s Assocation that I’m employed with, attended the 2015 Alterative Conference in Memphis, TN and help other peer supporters across the U.S celebrate Global Peer Support Day.

  5. As a Peer Support Specialist it is tough – but I love my job. And…I promise to keep fighting for my consumers (and for myself).

  6. We are Recovery Innovations International Crisis Stabilization Unit Riverside. Today we celebrated with our CO workers and guest with pizza and soft drinks. It was a wonderful time spent to reflect on the hard work we do and the many lives that we touch.

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