Get Well Steve!

~Steve_roundOur executive director Steve Harrington is currently on medical leave for an unknown period of time following two strokes that affected his vision and parts of his memory, but have left his genuine personality and sense of humor fully intact.

As we all know, hope is essential to recovery. And there is much hope for for Steve to make a full recovery.

As the science of neuroplasticity has shown, the brain’s ability to recover following a stroke or brain injury is greatly affected by attitude, self-determination, and support. Support in the form of positive energy, prayers, well wishes, and random acts of kindness (on behalf of Steve) from the entire iNAPS community can make a big difference.

If Steve has touched your life in some way, please let him know by leaving a message for him in the Comment field (below). Your support will be considered in the nomination for Steve as Peer Specialist of the Year for the National Council Awards of Excellence!

Here are some of the messages that were created and sent to Steve and Zack (his partner) during the recent iNAPS National Peer Supporter conference in San Antonio, Texas.





We will share well wishes for Steve that you leave in the comment field below with him and his partner Zack… or you can send cards and letters to Steve and Zack directly:

Steve Harrington & Zack Corcoran
P.O. Box 67
Trufant, Michigan  49347

120 thoughts on “Get Well Steve!

  1. Steve and Zack, Sending our love and an even deeper respect and understanding for all it has taken to make iNAPS the organization it is today. Your work has enriched the lives of so many people and you are both cherished deeply by so many in our community. Positive hopes for rest and healing (for both of you) and time to reflect upon and embrace the things that matter most in life. You both deserve the very best. ~Rita, Rick and Jon

  2. Steve, you have inspired me to speak out about my own recovery. You have set the bar for all of us in recovery to aspire for more than we ever thought was possible. You prove that recovery is more than just possible, but it is probable for all. You are an inspiration to many and I hope that I will be able to inspire others as much as you have inspired me. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Zack! I think you both for all you do! Get well soon!

  3. Steve, I don’t think anyone could match your hard work and dedication, which have supported our mission these many years. I am so pleased to be a part of this wonderful organization. Healing beams to you both.

  4. I hope that you get better soon Steve, thank you for discovering me, and Mentoring me, as I know you have many others, and all that you have done, just because of what you were able to see.

    cannot wait until your well again. bye for now. Frances.

  5. Steve – sending prayers and best wishes to you and Zack. You already know that recovery is hard work, and you know you have been successful at managing your recovery in the past. The support of others is a critical element and you certainly have plenty of that!

  6. Steve my life in peer support would have been greatly diminished without your work. Now get better and get back to work! We need you! My hubby had a brain injury two years ago and attitude is always key! Another part of our recovery journey! Much love to you!!!!!

  7. Steven please know that you are in my prayers and I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you my friend.

    Very respectfully,
    William Lowry Jr.
    Peer Support Specialist

  8. Sending heart-felt get well wishes to you, Steve, and caring support to Zack. This is another part of your recovery journey. You have touched the lives of many, including me, and now your recovery community will continue to grow and expand.
    Jessica Wolf, Decision Solutions

  9. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from these latest difficulties. You have a tenacious spirit and a caring partner to see you through–not to mention a world full of well wishers and supporters.

    take good care, Larry

  10. Get well Steve! Thank you for blessing others in their times of need. It is your turn to be blessed!! Keep being positive!! Sending Love from Boise, Idaho.

  11. Hi Steve. I hope you are feeling stronger each day! However, while you are home, please review the following iNAPS/OptumHealth webinars: #20: WRAP and Peer Support;
    #18: Compassion Fatigue; and #13: Stress: The Deadly Plague. And, there will be quizzes. We all support you in the wonderful work you do. Your dedication to the Peer Support Movement is unsurpassed! Please WRAP us about you . . . we will all help you . . and, remember, delegate, delegate, delegate. Rita is a blessing. I wish you a speedy recovery! I know you can do it! You are an expert in Recovery! Please keep us informed on your progress. We all Care very much. Deb

  12. Dearest Steve:
    There is sooooo much hope to be shared with you and gratitude for all of the support , recovery and wellness that you have shared with so many of us during our trials and tribulations through your ongoing communications and encouragement for our individual journey to recovery ! ! !
    Thank you and God Bless !
    Lynda Cassidy, CPS

  13. Get well real soooon!!!! Thank you for all you do. Our prayers are with you. Lori Bell, NJ

  14. My very best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. You are well loved and appreciated. You are one of our heroes! Keep the faith in recovery. You know we can and we do!!
    Best regards,
    Meg Park, Pittsburgh PA

  15. Dear Steve ~ Sending you prayerful, health-ful messages for recovery! Let all the love in, and practice your wisdom as only you know how. I hope you’ll be feeling better each day.


  16. Wishing for you a very speedy recovery, Steve. The peer world needs you!
    All my best,
    Lisa Ragan, Nashville, Tennessee

  17. Hey Steve!

    We need you around to light the BIG CAKE candles for our 1st National Peer Recognition day this coming October 15th, so pull out your wellness tools and get better soon… Then, when you feel better enough to get back to it – DELIGATE the WORK; share the Superman Cape with your PEERS – that’s what we’re here for – we have your back, man…

    BLESSINGS Stephen!

    Kyle D. Lloyd, B.S., CPS

  18. Dear Steve,

    You are a great force for good in this world! I wish you all speed in your recovery and may you know lots of love and kindness along the way! You have done so much to support all of us who work in peer services; we all look forward to having you ” back in the saddle”!
    Sending love an hugs,

    Meghan Caughey

    Cascadia Peer Wellness Program
    Portland , Oregon

  19. I don’t know you or Zach, but I believe that the work that you do is needed and supports a more peaceful future. May you live fully each day, and may that fullness grow as you continue to recover.

    Erika Seekatz
    Tucson, AZ

  20. Hi Steve, we met at the conference in Philadelphia in 2012. I pestered you with questions and my thoughts, challenged some things and your example of listening has stayed with me. Three years later I still practice what I saw coming from you for everyone.
    A slow and steady space of healing, strength, and rest is what I will ask for you,
    Albany, NY

  21. Steve,

    Mary and I and all of us at Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center send you our prayers and well wishes to you and Zach too. You are an inspiration to all of us and all that heard you speak at our conference last year. May you continue to gain strength, healing and take all the rest you need so our paths may cross again. Until then my friend continue to color, brighten and flourish.

    Joey & Mary Supina

  22. Steve, please know that I shall pray for you and Zack & send positive thoughts your way. Relax and let others care for you for a while as you have cared for all of us. Zack, be sure to take care of yourself, too. Delegate some of the work and spend quiet time with Steve as both of your recharge and recover.

    Bob Hall

  23. Praying for a full recovery!!! I know that you are greatly missed and everyone is supporting you while you are recovering.

  24. Steve, I’ve been aware of your marvelous contributions for sometime although we’ve not met. I am ever hopeful about your well being. I’ve followed the journeys of Ram Das, Jill Bolte Taylor and Earnest Rossi recovering from strokes. Love and healing energy are with you and Zack as you navigate this part of your journey. In appreciation and with gratitude for all you continue to offer to our community, Linda Simpson, MPH, RSS, Art Awakenings, Phoenix Arizona

  25. Steve, I don’t know you personally. Thank-you for what you do for recovery and wellness through our peer support efforts. You’re helping along a vital movement, and your own recovery is part of that. I pray Higher Power is with you every bit of the way, as surely He is for each of us. God bless and strengthen your resolve. John Maass, veteran and volunteer C-PRSS, Oklahoma City VA.

  26. Hi Steve, This message carries with it a little reminder that of the seeds you planted and nurtured, a mighty tree has grown and even as you read this, continues to bear good fruits. From a fellow traveler, a heartfelt energy is being sent for your full recovery. Best Wishes to You and Zack through this bump in the road.

  27. I thank you for being such a kind, welcoming and genuine man. I am praying for you and hope that you get well soon.

  28. OOOH Steve — sending you my very best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. You mean so, so much to the world of recovery. You have given so much to so many of us! Please take in all the love and care and prayers coming your way and come back to us soon!

  29. I hope you get well Steve, and please be encouraged and have hope throughout the healing process! There are plenty of folks praying for you, myself included, and with all the people you’ve been a blessing to, I’m sure Higher Power (s) want to bless you back and heal you up so you can continue to be a blessing to others. So we wish you the best, and will continue to pay it forward and be a blessing to other folks in recovery.

  30. Hello Steve and Zach,
    My best wishes to Steve and unfortunately I know what Zach is going through. In February of this year, my other half and my love Maureen was sadly diagnosed with a brain aneurysm which she died from on June 12th. Hoping through the help from whatever resources you both have that you will live a long and successful life together as one. Steve, your biggest contribution to me as that you publish my articles in the Newsletter where I can express through words my thoughts and deep feelings. Thanks and keep that positive attitude. See you in the newsletter.

  31. dear steve you may not know me but I continue the peer movement and I am a big part of the peer support specialist grants and I think it is a wonderful thing that you have started its made me a better man and advocate for participants who couldn’t do so themselves you are a blessing and I bet you have touched many lives but I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your family from the bottom of my heart keep being you my friend and much love

  32. my name is Sean lacy dear steve you may not know me but I continue the peer movement and I am a big part of the peer support specialist grants and I think it is a wonderful thing you have started its made me a better man and advocate for participants who couldn’t do so themselves you are a blessing and I bet you have touched so many hearts and lives but I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your family from the bottom of my heart keep being you my friend and much love

  33. Hello Steve!! I am so sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I wish you a speedy healing. I send my best to you always. Carolyn Hall, Colorado.

  34. Hello Steve, This is Diana Fullem sending you well wishes from the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition. Thank you for all you’ve done through education and advocacy for peer support services.

  35. Steve: Blessings! Healing and Hope to you and Zack. Thank you for all you have done and will do in the Peer arena. We all/each make a difference in our agencies and in our communities. Gloria in Spokane, WA

  36. Steve you are a wonderful guy and Zach you too! I’m glad you and Zach are able to have good times with everything you’re going through. Thanks for your support and giving me opportunities to get involved. Hope to see you down the road at a mental health event. – Pat Hayes, Illinois

  37. I hope you get well soon. Thanks so much for all you do for the International Association of Peer Supporters.

  38. HI Steve! We missed you in boston last week! You are always an inspiration to us all here, so we are sending all sorts of blue (color) healing thoughts to you as you recover! xxxx Dori and the Recovery Center students and staff.

  39. Dear Steve,
    I am sorry to hear of your current condition. I trust you will find and embody the hope you have given so many others. Time to cash in on the investment you have made in others. Get well soon

  40. Hi Steve! Remember…its a journey–and NOT a destination!
    Positive thoughts produce positive results…which may at times be easier said than done.
    Keep trying anyway! Thoughts & Prayers
    Franzswa W

  41. Hi Steve,
    Sending you positive vibes for a speedy recovery from your friends at La Causa in Milwaukee.

  42. Hi Steve and Zach, my prayers are with you both as Steve recovers. I hope this finds you well on your way towards recovery. I have been a peer since 2009 and absolutely have the greatest job in the world working at the Battle Creek VAMC, not far from your hometown Steve.
    Best Wishes
    Dave Baker

  43. Sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all that you do and have done!

  44. Sending love and light to you Steve! From everyone at Recovery Dane in Madison WI
    ~Autumn, Cheri, Donna, Kaylin

  45. You and Zack are in my prayers I thank you for all the inspirations, believing and listening to me. Inspiring me to speak and the encouragement to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist because of you I have taken my lived experience to help others. I thank God for your Depression book which described me even when you did not know me. I became the live person from your book.

    Truly you are an inspiration and I believe you are determined to recover for the best. We love you and miss you here at Recovery Academy. Thanks for everything including keeping people with lived experience encouraged and happy.
    We love you and will keep your bags full with love and hope.
    Sharon Hall
    Recovery Academy
    Grand Rapids,MI

  46. Hi Steve,
    You’re an inspiration! Even to someone like me who’s never met or worked with you. Sending healing thoughts your way from Minneapolis.

  47. Steve,
    I have consulted you over and over again, and miss you very much. I wish you a strong recovery and the strength to continue making the radical changes in the world you have already accomplished!
    Irene Harris

  48. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Please know how impactful you and your work has been on the peer community.

  49. Dear Steve,
    I am pleased to hear that you are courageously pursuing recovery again. I realize its a bit different this time around but perseverance is still at play in this situation.
    I would like to ask you for your guidance and advice on gaining employment. I have been out of work for almost 6 years now and would be ecstatic to reenter the peer specialist workforce again. Please, if you are at all able, contact me by email at or by phone at 615-243-2641. I will at that time give you more detailed information. This field means a great deal to me as does instilling hope in the lives of individuals battling mental illness.
    Thanks and may you continue to grow stronger in your recovery each and every day.

  50. Steve you have led the field forward in tremendously important ways – your national practice guidelines have made it easier for managed care entities to pay for peer support. Your work on countless national committees and workgroups have ensured the peer profession has had an important, well reasoned voice as healthcare goes through critical changes. You have listened carefully and used your amazing intellect to bring consensus to the field. I can not overstate how important your work is and has been.

  51. Steve- I truly appreciate your guidance and ability to allow me to “bounce” things off of you. In Wisconsin, we have received support and encouragement that has helped us to develop a stronger peer network and peer certification. You always are friendly, encouraging, patient and ready to roll up your sleeves to help. The love of Zack, your friends, family and colleagues will encourage you as you recover from this new challenge! Get better soon as I have lots of new things to bounce off of you! Laleña Lampe

  52. May everyone’s hopes and blessings warmly embrace and heal your kind heart and soul. Thank you for all that do and have done in promoting peer support, helping people like me heal and experience joy, and providing the means and resources for me to help others in their recovery journey.

  53. Dear Steve,
    You are our champion! You have very generously shared of yourself and your work with peer specialists for as long as I have worked in the field.
    Thank you always for your dedication and support!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Meghan Caughey

  54. Steve, you have changed the lives of SO MANY PEOPLE. I am sending you so much healing, positive energy, well wishes, and praying for you, Zack, and the many communities that you have provided so much powerful support to. Your strength continues to inspire peers everywhere.
    Mary Dean

  55. Steve and Zack,
    Sending you lots of love and hugs during this part of your journey. Steve–we are all pulling for you and look forward to hearing the positive updates that I know we will be receiving. Happy Holidays.
    Brandi Rivera

  56. Your name is to me but a prominent noun; I don’t know all of whom you are and all that you’ve done. I know that for me to be a working (albeit, volunteer) certified peer recovery support specialist, the most significant experience of my life, that you are one of those who have laid the groundwork for the profession. Please internalize my immense gratitude as light to your comfort and healing. We journey together in our recovery.

  57. Steve you have made a positive tremendous impact on the lives of so many. May you return to excellent health and vitality soon. Sending warm thoughts of healing, comfort and peace to both you and Zack.
    Sharon Fitzpatrick

  58. Steve, why do we humans so often wait to say “thank you” until someone experiences a life-threatening challenge? I had the opportunity to reflect this week on that long-ago meeting in Philadelphia when a roomful of us talked of forming the Peer Specialist Alliance of America. Lots of powerful people – and powerful egos! – in the room, and yet you were the only one who said “let’s do it” and moved to create an organization that aims to address much of what we discussed that day. You’ve been in it for the long haul, and your commitment and dedication have led to so much. We owe you an incredible debt of gratitude. Here’s to the next 10 years and more, promoting the life-saving value of peer support and advancing that work in the U.S. and throughout the world!

  59. Steve I hope the new year brings healing and contentment. Thanks for all you do on behalf of recovery. It’s your turn. Ray Bridge National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

  60. Hey Steve,
    I haven’t forgotten. I know I still owe you a visit. When I lived in Indiana the trip seemed easy. Now I am in Alaska, so I will have to work on a plan to get to your place.
    You are in a special place in my heart. You have inspired me to be the best I can to help others.
    Get well soon.
    Hey Zack,
    I hope you are well. I haven’t forgotten the couple of times we met. When I worked for the State of Indiana, we framed your art work. We put it up all over the offices of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction. I hope it is still there. Everyone loved your inspirational messages.
    Your Friend,
    Bruce Van Dusen

  61. Hey Steve,

    Your work in developing Peer Support as a field of work has been inspirational to me personally and to peers around the country (and the world!). iNAPS is a well recognized as being one of the leading organizations for peer supporters, and we all owe you dearly for your efforts. This is a small token of appreciation for the fine work you have done–allowing others to grow their skillsets and add value to the services they provide.

  62. Hi Steve,
    Hope your ongoing recovery episode is bringing you around again soon. I miss the rubber chicken. Seriously, though your pressing and persistence in the field of Peer Specialist endeavors and support to this cause has been more than inspiration, it has been phenomenal! You have set a stage for the Peers in this world that is going to endure and be a living legacy. Thanks as well for the new International Peers Recognition Day, 15 October. It is a great time to set it at the peak of Fall Colors. Wishing you well soon and I’ll be rooting for you if I do not get to come to the National Council Conference in Las Vegas. Play a slot for me. Blessings in Abundance!

    Kyle D. Lloyd, B.S., CPS

  63. Steve, We met years ago in Philadelphia and that simple conversation had a huge impact on my life and career as a Peer Specialist and now as a Peer Supervisor. Pease get well soon and my prayers to you and your family.

  64. We become experts in Recovery with the coaching of the Masters like you.
    Get well soon.

  65. dear Steve. I hope you recover. We love you and you are in my heart. You have contributed so greatly. I support your being designated as the National Council for Behavioral Health’s peer specialist of the year. You organized iNAPS, set up a process for establishing ethical guidelines, and have been a leader in influencing national policy through the recovery to practice program.

  66. Steve….I developed a Peer provider / peer services program @ ColumbiaCare Services in Oregon in 2010. We met @ Alternatives 2012 in Oregon and not only was/is the work you and iNAPS are doing hugely important, you took the time to speak to me on the phone, offering resources and assistance. This is still personally rewarding, helpful and affirming. ColumbiaCare now has 25 Peer providers ( called Peer QMHA) and we are looking to expand the Peer QMHA roles…… Thank you Steve, you are a valued pioneer in mental health Peer provider recovery work…..hoping for healing for you ( and family) and looking forward to your return…mark fisher Peer Services Program Coordinator ColumbiaCare services

  67. Steve—The field simply can’t thank you enough for your dogged dedication to peers in the workforce. YOu definitely deserve to win this award. Good luck.

  68. Hi Steve,
    PART TWO: See September 3rd
    Based on what I personally know about you, I think you are a tremendous individual and with your courage you will get through your illness. Here’s hoping you get this award (you certainly deserve it) and you continue to thrive. Your inspiration and positive attitude makes it easier to contribute to the INAOPS newsletter.

    Take care and well wishes as Steve continues to recover. Believe in each other and that WILL make all the difference.

    See you in the newsletter.
    Howard, a Peer from Long Island, NY

  69. Hello Steve – Know that you are loved, appreciated and valued. You’ve heard the old saying, “having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others!” You have lifted the spirits and hopes of countless peers across the nation and abroad through your development and leadership of iNAPS. I am always touched by your willingness to answer my phone calls and provide me that individual guidance, pointing me in the right direction with my Peer Support Specialist trainings, whenever called upon to do so. I was inspired by your trips to North Carolina to provide leadership and support at Peer sponsored events here which left a spirit of empowerment to those who had the pleasure of listening to your presentations and chatting with you one on one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray for you to have a miraculous healing and speedy recovery!

    Shirley Robinson-Flood, CPSS
    Henderson, NC

  70. Hi Steve. Just sending you a note of Christmas cheer at this wonderful time of the year. Saying a prayer for your recovery from your strokes. I know that a guy who pulls out all the stops to help others recover including rubber chickens, rutabagas and whatever else they can find, can certainly recover from strokes. So as you once said, “Ready Set Do It!” Get well and Merry Christmas.
    All the best, Dan O’Brien-Mazza

  71. Steve , tou were beautify when I first met you in Denver, still beautiful in Reno, and until today. I am so thankful the good Lord sent you to make me a better person. Love land hugs. Barbara

  72. Steve, we love you and wish you a speedy recovery. I hope you are able to get acupuncture and energy healing which will helps your body heal after a stroke. I wished that I was at your city to do energy healing you. I hope you can get energy healing from friends or professional. love and hugs, Can Truong, 937-430-9676, Stockbridge, MA.

  73. Dear Steve,
    Your are an amazing and inspiring person!
    You can´t even imagine how important your help was for the development of my project, and how your attitude was encouraging and precious to me.
    Thank you for being you.
    I just wish you a very fast recovery!
    All the best,
    Joana Lucas.

  74. Dear Steve,
    Your foresight in recognizing the need for an organization to support the emerging peer specialists workforce was amazing. And you have provided wise, calm, and caring leadership all of these years. I appreciate and admire everything you have done for so many, including me, and wish you wellness and happiness.
    Mark Salzer

  75. Dear Steve,
    Get well soon! Thanks for making sure that I’m able to be a part of INAPS thought I can’t afford the dues. It means so much to me to keep up with what is going on with other peer support specialist are doing in the country. You do so much and it means a lot to me. Wishing you and Zach and very Happy Holidays!!!

  76. Dear Steve

    Get well soon you have done a lot and we hope you may get well so you may continue on giving and informing us peer specialist.

  77. You have been an ongoing inspiration to me and many that I know. you have laid the foundation on which we can now walk. Thank You for all you have done.

  78. Steve thank you for taking on the monumental task of creating INAPS. It has had such an important impact on so many of us. Please take good care of yourself because you are a very special person.

  79. Get well soon Steve. You have been a great example for others and a huge part of the Peer Movement for all peers. Your work will go on and continue to affect so many lives via working peers. I met you in Chicago a few years back and have seen you numerous times. You were always “Rock Steady” and a bundle of energy. I wish for you a complete recovery.

  80. Missing your big hearted smile, your enthusiasm for living… your stories!
    So grateful for all you do and have done… “peer peeps” to the bone!
    My hunch is that many of them have come true… and I wish 🌠 you any remaining — heart’s dreams! Love to you and Zack!, Noelle

  81. I first heard Steve speak at a PACT team conference in Grand Rapids Michigan in the mid 2000’s. I was just starting my work as a peer specialist in Virginia. I was really impressed to see a peer addressing a conference room full of mostly professionals with such confidence and passion. Later after INAPS released the peer worker standards I emailed a question about them and Steve promptly emailed me with the answer to my question and some kind encouraging words. That meant a lot to me. Steve, may your recovery continue in all its aspects.

  82. Hi Steve, I wish you all the best in your recovery! You have been an inspirational leader and champion for peer providers and I hope you will be back soon!

  83. Hi Steve,

    If your helping to others helps you to, then I have possibly a problem you could help me with…

    As you probably do not know I have 3 cat companions at home. Two of the 3 are litter-mate sister siblings, and they fight each other just like human sisters. About a month and a half ago my neighbor approached me stating he was taking his feline to “the POUND” and would I like to adopt it possibly? I bit on the hook too soon. This 3rd cat is ‘a TOM’ and neutered. He has beautiful fluffy as cotton tabby-marked fur, and for the bad part nasty as hell fleas came with him sweetly concealed.

    My problem is FLEA WARS 2016.

    I’ve done spray
    I’ve done powder
    I’ve done one spot dope
    I’ve done shampoo
    I’ve done lemon water
    I’ve done apple cider vinegar
    I’ve done veterinarian prescription medication
    I’ve done flea-away vitamins
    I’ve done power-wash (cat in taxi and me spraying cat with flexible shower head)

    Cats no longer eye me as if to say, “whatcha gonna do ’bout our fleas?”; no they’re still indicating that through all this they still have fleas! Cats are in stiches, I’ve got the itches, how can I rid myself of these “B” pests?

    Perhaps a professional exterminator is next, so after PCH brings me the ‘big bucks’, I’ll possibly give Terminex-man a ‘jingle’…

    If you’re not feeling like a laugh, I hope that it means your making incredible great strides with Stroke Survivor Recovery. I know we’ll see one another again soon.

    Have yourselves a Very Merry Christmas!

    Kyle D. Lloyd

  84. Steve you are an inspiration for me personally. I hope and trust that you will have be able to make a solid recovery, and then resume your role. God Bless you Steve, Brandon

  85. Steve and Zack I live in Guam and your dedication and support have made a big difference in my life all the way over here. I am eternally grateful..

  86. Steve, Get well soon. You have been a wonderful mentor and friend to Louisiana Association of Peer Support. Self care is so important and we want you to take care, but keep that great smile. Your smile bring joy to many people. (From : Lora Bonnet and Louisiana Association of Peer Support)

  87. I love this section! Thank you, Rita, and thank you so much, Steve (and Zack) for all you have done. I think of you often and remember fondly the amazing dinner and hospitality in Revere.. Wishing you all the best!

  88. Hi,Steve. This Kenya. My Prayers and thoughts are always with you. I know God to be a healer and a miracle worker. And I pray healing over your life. My prayer is that in the mid night hour that God will turn it around just for you. I’m grateful to know you and the education that you taught me. Because of you. I am a greater and better professional. Your love,support of me have me in tears. So because of what you’ve done for me. I pray that God breathes the breath of life in you one more time and send his healing angel to you now. I love you and Thank You soooo soooo much for EVERYTHING.

  89. Hi Steve, this is Jill Jendrzey in San Antonio, Texas. I just wanted to send some well wishes your way. I’ll never forget the first time you came down to Austin, Texas several years ago. It was a great experience to be part of your focus group as you gathered input about peer support. Our voice mattered! I’m now been training CPS’s in Texas for over two and and am so incredibly humbled by the individuals who paved the path for me. I love my work and my journey. Thank you for being one of many who help pave that path. Two weeks ago Rita led us in an amazing RTP Next Steps training. Truly and incredible week. I can’t wait to see this work spread accrues the world. Wishing you wellness and peer support from Texas. 🙂

  90. Steve, I’m sending my warmest wishes for a full recovery and a little something to speed along the process…


    Thank you for your many contributions in our community and I look forward to hearing how recovery principles have served you once again.

    Best, AJ French

  91. Steve, Thank You for being an encouragement to me and for taking time to answer my questions about my writing. You took the time to talk to me on the phone on several occasions. Your positive attitude and perseverance have given me hope on my recovery journey. Get well soon-sending my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You!

  92. Get well soon.
    I really appreciate to know i NAPS recently. Really hope I could meet and know u in person.
    Best wishes from Hong Kong.

  93. I really appreciate to know i NAPS recently.
    Really hope I could meet and know u in person.
    Get well soon.
    Best wishes from Hong Kong.

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