Get Well Lori!

Lori AshcraftOur former executive consultant, board member, and avid supporter Lori Ashcraft, is undergoing a major medical (open heart) procedure with a long recovery ahead. We wish Lori and Gene the very best outcome!

As we all know, hope is essential to recovery. And there is much hope for for Lori to make a full recovery.

If Lori has touched your life in some way, please let her know by leaving a message in the Comment field (below). 


9 thoughts on “Get Well Lori!

  1. Dear Lori – I hope that this notes finds you in good spirits, and healing quickly! I so look forward to getting to know you, and learning from you!

  2. Hello, Lori
    My thoughts of Hope, and healing is with you.
    Lora Bonnet

  3. I just quoted you yesterday at a training ” Weekly Doses” of recovery stories are needed in staff meetings each week!
    I send you healing thoughts for your continued health.
    Best wishes ,

  4. Lori, by now you probably are well into your recovery. I haven’t been on the iNAPS mailing list so knew little about your condition. Wishing you well, and as always consider you a good and true friend.

  5. Lori – best wishes for the blessing of good health and a speedy and strong recovery. You are an inspiration to so many of us may all the good energy you put forward return to you 100 times over. You know where to reach me so if there is anything I can do for you, Gene or both of you let me know……in the meantime…sending healing thoughts and white light your way!

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