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Your words have power. Connections brings hope.

“To me, the healing power of human connection…”

Use the comment box below to complete the sentence and briefly describe a connection you have made with someone through kindness, compassion, and some kind of common experience. It can be related to peer support or it can be something completely different. The purpose of this assignment is to offer a perspective, through stories of hope and healing, that human connection matters.

Thank you. (We will share some of these stories in our December newsletter.)

One thought on “Connections

  1. “To me, the healing power of human connection…” opens the door for miracles to happen. Yesterday, in spite of having a lot on my own plate, I set everything aside to deeply listen to someone who was very frustrated and emotionally exhausted with trying to accomplish a difficult task. I could relate to the feeling and shared some of my own struggles with trying to stay balanced and well in spite of many competing demands. We both talked about some of the things we were doing, but more so, about the things we were learning – and in our sharing, what we were learning together. It deepened our connection and reminded me that miracles are all around me. I just need to slow down long enough to listen and learn.

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