Conference Testimonials

Why Should You Attend the 9th Annual iNAPS Conference?
Hear from some of our previous attenders…or share your own story….

Why do I attend the iNAPS Annual Conference?


I attend the iNAPS Conferences because it allows me to talk with the folks that are working day to day with our peers to help that person to achieve their recovery goals! The gentleness and passions of the attendees is absolutely infectious. I learn so much from being at this great learning event! Finally, the power of peer support that is always felt at this conference helps us all to re-energize our batteries so we can support so many more with our newly learned skills! ~Peter Ashenden, Director of Consumer and Family Affairs, Optum Health Behavioral Solutions

Why do I attend the iNAPS Annual Conference?
I have been part of NAPS/iNAPs since 2007. What keeps me coming:
1.  The “Oneness” of the Peer Movement
2.  “Iron Sharpens Iron”
3.  Electrifying Testimonies of Recovery, Globally
4.  Dynamite Keynote Speakers & Workshops
5.  Knowledge Gained to Promote Opportunities for Growth
6.  Up-to-date Trends
7.  Where We Were & Where We Are Going.
What happens when I leave:
1.  Revelation Knowledge that Sharpens My Skills
2.  Accelerated Energy/Enthusiasm to Instill HOPE
3.  Encouraged to Stay on the Journey of Recovery
4.  Personal Growth to Be a Better Me
5.  Meeting New Friends Which Brings Freshness
6.  Motivated to Assist With the Peer Movement
7. Steve Harrington’s “Vision” that is Unwavering & Steadfast
With Love, Peace, & Joy ~ Gladys DeVonne Christian, North Carolina

Why do I attend the iNAPS Annual Conference?

~Gayle-BluebirdI am a great supporter of iNAPS because it is a conference specifically designed for peer specialist/supporters.  One always finds friends from around the country who are working in new, unique positions, all seeking to expand their knowledge and skills, and taking back with them excitement and inspiration to be shared with others. ~ Gayle Bluebird, RN, Consumer/Survivor, SAMHSA 2010 Voice Award Winner, Florida

 Why do I attend the iNAPS Annual Conference?
I am not a peer provider, but I hope that I am a peer supporter, having been involved for a long time with what used to be called the consumer-provider movement.  I come to iNAPS conferences every year because they affirm for me the value of the work I do in this regard, and they keep me abreast of the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.  Moreover, I am welcomed into this positive and productive community despite my professional minority status (I’m a non-peer, community and clinical psychologist), and over the years I have made wonderful friendships with people who continually teach me important lessons about life and work. ~Andy Bernstein, PhD, CPRP, Clinical Director U of A Camp Wellness, Arizona

Why do I attend the iNAPS Annual Conference?

I attend the iNAPS conference because it is a place where all dogs, young or old, can learn new tricks about supporting others. I learned a lot last year and I think people learned something from me too.  ~Ranger, the Service Dog and RTP Next Steps Trained Co-Facilitator with his veteran, Bryan Rich

Have you attended an INAPS Conference in the past?
If so, what’s YOUR reason for attending the iNAPS Annual Conference?
Share what you’ve gotten from attending annual iNAPS conferences in the past! Or, share what you hope to gain from attending this year’s conference. Either way, we’d love to hear from you! Send email to The best stories will be published here on the conference page of the website, in upcoming newsletters, and perhaps even in this year’s conference program. Your story may even be the one that inspires someone else to come this year!


I attended the 8th Annual Conference last year in Atlanta, GA. It was my very first one, and my birthday was on the 14th of that month so it was an awesome present. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had, I met several people from around the world who were inspirational and empowering. It gave me a sense of pride to be amongst others who are part of such a vibrant movement. I knew while sitting in this conference that I am doing what I am called to do, which is be of service to others. There was unity, inclusion, and acceptance at this conference, I also had the privilege of meeting Mr. Harrington, Mr. Ashenden, and Mr. Daniels all of whom took time to speak with me and take a picture. Words cannot explain how motivating this was for me that these busy men did that for me, I have our picture on my desk as a reminder anything is possible. I am forever grateful for my experiences and opportunities within the INAPS organization, and I will be at the 9th Annual Conference in San, Antonio Texas. Thank You Kindly, Lisa E. Williams, Recovery Coach, Neighborhood Properties,Toledo, OH

Why I attend the iNAPS Conference


Why . . . the most important aspect of our lives! The People!!
I attended the Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA, and was completely “blown away” by the positive energy, wealth of information, sharing, collaboration, the level of in-service training, the discovery of “what’s up?” among the many States represented there. Recently, I was labeled a “zealot” by a psychiatrist in my State. Cracked me up! Only the culture of Peer Support Practitioners would see the humor in that. Which reminds me of other reasons to attend the iNAPS Annual Conferences: the FUN, Release, and the relationships ignited by our comrades in arms. [comrade in arms n. {C} FORMAL someone who has worked or fought with you to achieve particular GOALS].

Deborah Clark, Certified Peer Support Practitioner, Peer Reviewer, SAMHSA grants, NM State Representative to INAPS Advisory Group, and “Zealot”   🙂

(zealous adj. extremely interested in and excited about something that you believe in very strongly, and behaving in a way that shows this)~ Deb


Why should you attend the iNAPS Annual Conference?


“To expand your toolkit of peer support techniques and strategies, learn about national trends, and meet national peer leaders, practitioners, and supervisors who understand your challenges and share your joy in this work.” ~Lisa Goodale, VP Peer Services, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

Have you attended an INAPS Conference in the past?
If so, what did you gain from attending the iNAPS Annual Conference? 

Share what you’ve gotten from attending annual iNAPS conferences in the past! Or, share what you hope to gain from attending this year’s conference. The best reasons will be published on the conference page of the website, in upcoming newsletters, future e-mail updates, and perhaps even in this year’s conference program. We would love to hear from you! Send an email to with your reason for attending the Annual Conference in the past and/or something you hope to gain from attending this year.

One thought on “Conference Testimonials

  1. I have attended four National Conferences and each year they keep getting better and better. The peer support field is growing and exciting new innovations are happening. This conference is a great place to learn, to meet people who share my passion for supporting other peers, and especially supporting those who are offering peer support to others. Great place to make new friends and renew friendships from previous years. I am grateful to Steve Harrington for his vision of creating and dedication to continue to hold (for nine straight years) an annual event where peer support providers can come together, laugh, cry, and just appreciate all that our chosen field has to offer. ~~ Rita Cronise

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