Pegatina reunion con reborde

The following work groups and committees have been approved by the iNAPS board of directors and will be formed in the coming months. If you have an interest in joining one or more of the following committees, click the link below to sign up.

More information about each committee will be available soon.

Committee Title

(1) Membership (recruitment/benefits/interests) – includes recruitment of new board / committee members for 2016 – iNAPS Board Liaisons: Peter Ashenden and Lisa St. George
(2) Education and Resources (certification, standardization, training and tools) – iNAPS Board Liaisons: Lori Ashcraft and Lyn Legere
(3) Policy and Advocacy – iNAPS Board Liaisons: Lisa Goodale and Lisa St. George
(4) Outreach (to existing peer specialist networks, groups, and organizations) – – iNAPS Board Liaisons: Andy Bernstein
(5) State and Country. Representative Advisory Council – – iNAPS Board Liaisons: Dwayne Mayes and Bill Beverley-Blanco
(6) 2016 (10th Annual) Conference Committee — Matthew Federici and Gayle Bluebird

(7) Development (strategic planning/fundraising/sustainability) — iNAPS Executive Team

(8) Global Peer Supporter Celebration DayBill Beverley-Blancoi

Please note! In order to join a workgroup or committee, you must be a member in good standing of iNAPS, which includes annual member dues of $25 or an approved donated membership (based on financial need.) Subscribing to the free email list is not a full membership.

If you have not paid the $25 dues (or received a donated membership) in 2015, please visit our membership page to learn more: 

If you are a member and have an interest in joining one or more of these committees, please fill out the following SurveyMonkey with your areas of interest and available times.

If you have questions about the committees or your membership status, send an email with the name of the Committee or Membership Status in the subject line to Once your membership is verified, your name will be shared with the committee organizers and you will be contacted as soon as there is information to share.

3 thoughts on “Committees

  1. Hi! I’m Interested in the Education and Resources committee. I did go through the Survey Monkey…Maybe I didn’t click something I was supposed to… I am a member with paid up dues and would like to work with the team in whatever way I can be helpful.

  2. I am trying to reach Andy Bernstein to ask him if he would consider being on my board of advisors for our non profit.

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