Timeline and Current Events

This page gives some of the background and current events in the effort to develop National Practice Standards for Peer Support Practitioners (by Peer Supporters).

The National Peer Specialist Conference (and Wellness Solutions Innovations 1.0) sessions asked participants if there would be interest in developing a National Certification process for Peer Specialists. Response from most of those in attendance was positive.

Interim Task Group was formed to explore a process for gathering input from a wide range of peer support practitioners.


– A Call for Collaboration 
Issued by Steve Harrington

Click the link below to view the Call for Collaboration


Pillars of Peer Support Services, Fourth Annual Summit.
The goal of the Summit was to build on previous summits and focus on Establishing National Standards/Credentials for Peer Support Services and Creating Recovery Cultures that Support Peer Specialists.


Click here for a full report on the Pillars of Peer Support meeting

Click here for the Pillars of Peer Support Presentation by
Wilma Townsend, Acting Director of Consumer Affairs for SAMSHA
on Defining Certification and Practice Standards


Alternatives Conference hosted a listening forum and Optum Health provided the conference line for a national call in to gather peer input on developing National Practice Standards for Peer Support providers.

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National Standards Project Featured in the Key Update

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Representatives from NAPS meet with a multicultural advisory group to establish a timeline and process to move forward with the development of National Practice Standards for Peer Supporters.

(News of the Sandy Hook tragedy came during the middle of this meeting.)


JANUARY 2013 –

NAPS is renamed to the International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS)


National Practice Standards Development Action Plan
(Posted in January 2013)

World in hands

Click the link below to read the Action Plan for Peer Support Practices.
National Standards Action Plan


JANUARY 26, 2013 – OAKLAND, CA. 
Pilot Focus group held at the WRAP Around the World Conference.


NAPS Launches the first survey
 on the Values of Peer Supporters.



Focus Group / Survey Input – February-April, 2013

Draft of Practice Standards – May 2013

Final Approval – June 2013


Peer Supporter Practice Standards Update – May 2013
As of May, 2013, iNAPS has held focus groups in a variety of cities and distributed a survey on what peer supporter felt were the essential (core) values of peer support. With almost unanimous agreement on the chosen values from more than 800 who took the survey, iNAPS now plans to use those values as the basis for drafting a list of statements that describe peer support practices that are based on those core values.
Once the draft statements have been reviewed by an advisory committee they will be shared on this web site and through focus groups and surveys – for public comment.
Have you joined the iNAPS Practice Standards listserv? (Send email with JOIN in the subject line to naps-standards@naops.org) We’re using a Google group listserv  to keep those who want to stay involved in the standards project informed and involved.
More coming soon….


Read the following letter from Steve Harrington, iNAPS Executive Director,  to learn more about this initiative.


 Dear Peer Supporter,

The International Association of Peer Supporters (formerly NAPS) is requesting the input of peer support providers across the U.S. on the essential (core) values common to all peer recovery support practices in the fields of mental health, trauma, and substance use.

To gather information on the peer recovery support values that are most important to those who give and receive peer support, we developed a survey. Peer supporter recommendations will be carefully considered as part of a current effort to establish National Practice Standards for Peer Support Providers, which will be used to offer guidelines and greater credibility to the emerging peer support professions.

To access our survey, please click or copy and paste the link below into your browser.
>>The survey is now complete. Results will be posted in the near future. Additional comments may be provided on our Facebook page or the Comment fields below.<<

Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts – below, or on our Facebook page –and forward this invitation to other peer support providers for their thoughts as well.

Thank you,
Steve Harrington,
Executive Director,
International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS)
(formerly the National Association of Peer Specialists)