2014 Webinar 01: Self-Check

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Answers to 2014 Webinar 1: Taking Arts Seriously Quiz.

Research has shown which of the following health benefits when people are engaged in doing something they love:

  • Blood pressure goes down
  • Pulse rate goes down
  • Bodies relax
  • All of the above

Creative activities can be a means of communicating which of the following?

  • Trauma experiences
  • Innovative new ways of thinking
  • Recovery discoveries
  • All of the above

Some experts think all artists are “mentally ill.”

  • True
  • False

A majority of those healing from trauma find artistic expression too painful to do without professional help.

  • True
  • False

An arts bag or “hope tote” might contain which of the following?

  • Picture frames with plastic or safety glass
  • Scissors, X-ACTO knife, or box cutter
  • Joke book, silly putty, and a journal
  • All of the above

Which of the following is a way of recognizing and showcasing the talent of peers publicly?

  • Art exhibits of work created by peers, especially during holidays and mental health week
  • Readings of recovery narratives and poetry or shows written and played by peers
  • Arts projects communicating historical aspects of mental illness
  • All of the above and many, many more

Thank you for attending the webinar and giving your feedback!

Click here for a PDF of the Presentation Slides