2014 Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions — 

(Updated 9-8-2014)

Question: Why is there a cost to attend the conference?

Answer:   A conference fee is charged to cover the costs of food service, audio/visual services, conference materials (such as flip charts, markers, name badges, etc.), speakers, shipping, etc.  As a volunteer organization our funding comes primarily from memberships, which we keep as low as possible to make membership as affordable as possible.  We also pride ourselves on keeping conference costs and subsequent conference fees to a minimum. Our is among the least expensive conferences and it offers the most programming targeted to the peer support field.

Question: I applied for a scholarship and did not receive one.  Why?

Answer:     iNAPS was given a limited number of scholarships through donations made specifically for this purpose. More than 200 people applied. A selection committee reviewed all applications and made their selections based on a variety of criteria. If you were not selected this year, please realize that there are many, many people who have made significant contributions both as peer supporters and supporters of iNAPS, which are key elements the selection committee used in their choices.

Question: Will there be any more scholarships available?

Answer:    No. At this time, all of the scholarships have been awarded for 2014. However, there are many other ways to find funds to attend a conference.

Check the article on pages 18 and 19 in our recent newsletter for ideas – and continue to brainstorm more of your own.


If you find someone who is willing to make a donation toward the cost your registration, they can claim it as a Charitable contribution on their taxes. The International Association of Peer Supporters is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Question: Will iNAPS pay for my hotel room? Airfare? Meals? Incidental expenses?

Answer:     No. We do not cover these expenses. They are separate from the conference registration fee. We encourage you to explore fundraising (see link above).

Question: Will iNAPS make my reservations for air travel and/or hotel room?

Answer:     No. Discount lodging reservations at the hotel where the conference is being held can be made using the link found on our website, while rooms remain available. The conference could sell out.

Question: If I offer to volunteer, will I get my travel and conference costs paid for?

Answer:     No. We already have a sufficient number of volunteers, most of whom pay all their own expenses.

Question: Why aren’t meals provided with the conference fee?

Answer:   Because we are using hotel meeting rooms, we are obligated to purchase a minimum amount of food services. The costs of these hotel-provided services are excessively high.  For example, a basic continental breakfast costs $22 per person with a 30% sales and service tax bringing the cost to $29 per person. If meals were included and passed on to our participants, it would raise the conference fee by well over $100 per day.

Question: Who from iNAPS will meet me at the airport?

Answer:    We do not greet people at the airport. A shuttle is available from the airport to the hotel. Call the hotel for shuttle times and let them know if you have questions or need special services.

Question: Why do iNAPS members receive a conference registration fee discount?

Answer:  To encourage attendees to save money by becoming members. The more members we have, the stronger our position when it comes to policymaking at the state and federal levels. We represent the call for more jobs, better pay, respect in the workplace and overall better working conditions.

Do I need to be a certified peer specialist to come to the Conference?

No. We welcome all who are mental health peer support providers or recovery coaches (paid or volunteer) — or those who simply support the peer support provider movement.

We especially welcome and encourage supervisors and co-workers who don’t necessarily self-identify as having a mental health or addiction condition to come and learn more about the values of recovery and best practices for working with peer support providers and recovery coaches.

Are the pre/post-conference events (October 12 and 15) included in the registration fee for the Conference?

No. These events are being promoted in association with the National Conference but the registration and payment for each event is managed by those separate organizations. Visit their sites for more information about each of these events.

Is there a fee associated with registering online?

Yes. Eventbrite is a registration management service that offers credit card processing and more. For the event management functionality, it charges a transaction fee of 5.5% of the registration amount + $0.99 processing fee.

We chose Eventbrite as a proven system to give you the best (most hassle-free) experience with conference registration that we could.

Will you still accept registration by mail?

Yes. If a check (or fax with credit card payment) is sent in the amount:

  • $230 Member (two days)
  • $260 Non-member (two days)
  • $120 Member (one day only)
  • $150 Non-member (one day only)

Mail or fax the registration form (with credit card payment) to: NAPS, P.O. Box 67, Trufant, MI  49347. FAX: (781) 629-1633

Note: If you are registering after September 22, call ahead to check the availability of registrations. With advanced publicity, the conference may be sold out.

Contact us at: info@inaops.org.

What accommodations do I need to make?

The conference fee covers admission to the workshops and conference presentations only. Travel, ground transportation, hotel, and meals are separate and all arrangements are the responsibility of the attendee.

A discount rate for lodging of $119 single/double plus applicable taxes, has been negotiated for a limited number of rooms at the hotel for those who will be attending our conference. Call the toll-free reservation line: 1-888-627-7046 and let them know you are attending the NAPS conference, or access Sheraton Reservations for the discount rate online: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=1312178257&key=36EC6

To Phone in a Hotel Reservation
Call the toll-free reservation line: 1-888-627-7046 and be sure to tell them you are registering to stay for the NAPS conference.

If I travel by air or train, how do I get to the hotel?

There is a free hotel shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Be sure to call ahead to let them know your expected arrival and departure times.

If I drive, is there an additional cost to park?

Parking is $12.00 USD per day.

Do I have to bring my confirmation “ticket” receipt to the event?

Pre-registered attendees will be listed on a check-in list. But having the confirmation ticket will ensure a timely and smooth check-in.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes. Most changes can be accommodated. Contact the conference organizers (listed below) to discuss specific changes. The earlier the better.

Is my registration transferable?

Yes. Contact the conference organizers (listed below) to discuss specific changes. Again, the earlier the better.

What is the refund policy?

You can request a refund up to 7 days in advance of the conference.

To cancel and request a refund, send email with CANCEL REGISTRATION in the subject line to conference@inaops.org. Specify the name the registration was made under, the name of the person or organization who paid for the registration (if different) and the amount paid.

  • Deadline for 100% refund of conference registration fee* is October 6, 2014. Note: If you registered online, processing fees may apply.

Registrants who are no-shows for the conference will not receive a refund.

How long will it take to receive a refund?

If you registered online through Eventbrite, it may take up to 10 days to be processed. All other methods may take up to 30 days for check verification and processing.

How do I contact the NAPS business office?

Mail or fax information to:

iNAPS, P.O. Box 67, Trufant, MI 49347 |  FAX: (781) 629-1633

Who do I contact with any other questions?

For specific questions, contact: