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When someone really hears you without passing judgement on you, without taking responsibility for you, without trying to mold you, it feels damn good….

When I have been listened to and when I have been heard, I am able to perceive my world in a new way and to go on. It is astonishing how elements which seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens.”

~~ Carl Rogers


“Investigate kindness then love.
I’m still working on kindness.”
~~ Pat Hayes



He who wants to do good knocks at the gate;
he who loves finds the gate open.”
~~ Rabindranath Tagore


“It isn’t difficult to make a mountain
out of a molehill,
just add a little dirt.”


“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers
but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield,
but to my own strength.

Let me not cave in.”
~~ Rabindranath Tagore


“When I stand before thee at the day’s end,
thou shalt see my scars and know
that I had my wounds and also my healing.”

~~ Rabindranath Tagore


“He who is too busy doing good
finds no time to be good.”
~~ Rabindranath Tagore


“There are days when you seek
the company of your solitude, and your
solitude just wants to be left alone.”
~~ Robert Brault


We may not have it
all together, but together we have it all.

~~ unknown


Quote on Recovery to Practice X

“Recovery-oriented practices are based on an appreciation
of each person’s right to determine, to author, his or her own life
[and of] the central role that choice plays in defining who and what we are …

Implementing high-quality and effective psychiatric rehabilitation
and other evidence-based practices is not enough
to accomplish transformation if the status and role
of people in recovery is not also dramatically transformed
from that of a passive ‘mental patient’ to that of an empowered citizen.”

~~ RTP Project Director Larry Davidson, PhD

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Words of wisdom, humor, and deep meaning can inspire us to find hope and overcome challenges. This page is devoted to encourage you and others to move beyond mental health issues toward a better life.

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