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 The 11th Annual Peer Support Conference was a great success!
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The International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to growing the peer support movement worldwide. Founded in 2004 by a group of avid peer specialists in the state of Michigan, the organization has quickly grown with members from every state, and now includes members from several countries outside the U.S.

In 2013, the name of the organization was changed from the National Association of Peer Specialists (NAPS) to the International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS) to be inclusive of all peer workers (not just those with a peer specialist certification) and to reflect its increasingly global membership.

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iNAPS is a thriving community of practice that publishes monthly newsletters and regular news updates, develops and shares access to recovery and peer support information, conducts surveys, reports on the current status and trends in the peer workforce, and hosts the longest running national conference (attended by peer supporters and those who hire them from around the world) which brings together members of the peer support movement to share ideas, strategies, and innovative programs and ideas.



Line icon. PresentationThe INAPS Conference is the longest running internationally attended conference devoted completely to peer support practices. This year marks the the 11th Annual Conference, which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on October 16-18, with featured keynote Pat Deegan, Ph.D., and expected proposals from innovative peer support programs and providers, recovery educators, supervisors, peer artists, peer wellness practitioners,and those who are working to establish a career path for this exciting and emerging field of practice.

For Peer Support Providers

To the delight of many–but, significantly, not all–in the peer support movement, many new credentials and training programs are emerging and being recognized by employers, funding agencies and regulatory bodies, including insurance companies and state departments of mental health.  We at iNAPS acknowledge the complexity and the many different aspects of this growing phenomenon, and have not endorsed any one credential or training over another. 

Any statement or implication that we “approve” or “endorse” a particular credential is simply not true.

We led the effort to develop Practice Guidelines for Peer Supporters which achieved a 98% approval rating among 1000 peer supporters across the U.S.,and which have been used worldwide, but that is the limit of our involvement in any national or international credentialing or national training efforts.

Line icon. TargetClick to view: National Practice Guidelines for Peer Support Providers, which achieved a 98% level of agreement from 1000 peer supporters who participated in focus groups and surveys during the development of core values and a set of practical guidelines for the emerging peer workforce.

We have offered a Free Webinar Series (hosted by Optum) that has been attended by over 3000 with more than 1500 certificates of attendance issued for continuing education credits in various states. (Certificates are a member benefit of joining iNAPS).

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A nationally recognized Peer Specialist Training Manual, authored by iNAPS founding director, Steve Harrington, that has been translated into several languages and used worldwide since 2007 in the training of peer specialists.

Line icon. CareerA SAMHSA-Funded curriculum called Next Steps was designed by iNAPS in collaboration with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) specifically for experienced peer workers to share best practices and bring this collaborative immersion experience back to peers and professional colleagues in their local communities.

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The establishment of an annual Global Peer Supporter Recognition Day. This year’s date will be Thursday, October 19, 2017.

Line icon. MissionWith a commitment to support the international community of people who provide peer support and their champions, our mission is to support the growth and sharing of peer support worldwide.

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