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Webinar 23: Sustainable Resilience
Originally broadcast on November 20, 2015 — Recording Now Available (below)

Lori Ashcraft

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We define recovery as “remembering who you are as using your strengths to become all you are meant to be.”  Resilience is the next step in the journey.  Basically, it is the ability to make meaning out of the past, the present and the future in ways that are optimistic and purposeful.  A foundation of resilience built on self-efficacy lays the groundwork for sustainability during tough times. It’s the ability to thrive in an uncertain world.  It creates a safe place to question and reflect; to learn from mistakes and grow stronger through recognizing successes; to take risks to create new strengths and skills.

Resilience takes us a step beyond the experience of recovery. It’s a step upward — the next rung on the evolutionary ladder of wellness. When we began to climb this ladder in the late 1990’s we came to rest on the rung of recovery. We stayed there until it became apparent that there were more rungs ahead of us, the next one being the rung of resilience.  With one foot still on the rung of recovery, and the other on the rung of resilience, we began to appreciate the potential of moving beyond the “aha” of recovery into the fresh air of sustainable interdependence – resilience.


Participants will be able to:

  • Define resilience and describe how it is different from the concept of recovery.
  • Explain benefits and limitations of a recovery framework.
  • Recognize how some people use painful past experiences to become wiser and stronger.
  • Identify results that can be expected from shifting the focus to resilience.
  • Describe strategies for building resilience in our own lives and encouraging others we support to do the same


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This series of free webinars is made possible by Optum, which provides technology and technical assistance.


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