About iNAPS

The InterNational Association of Peer Supporters, Inc., formerly the National Association of Peer Specialists (NAPS), is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peer support in mental health systems.


Founded in November 2004 by a group of avid peer supporters, the organization has quickly grown with members and supporters from every state and several countries outside the U.S.


Today iNAPS is made up of a small group of dedicated volunteers who believe in the peer support movement and are always seeking new ways to spread the word about the effectiveness of education, training, hiring, and inclusion of peer supporters, advocates, and recovery coaches in all aspects of mental and behavioral health care.

iNAPS publishes regular newsletters, offers discounts on recovery-oriented materials, provides access to recovery and peer support information, conducts surveys of education, job satisfaction and salaries, reports on the current status of the profession, and hosts an annual national conference which brings together peer support providers and those who champion the peer support movement to share ideas, strategies, and innovative programs ideas. In 2013, the name of the organization was changed to the International Association of Peer Supporters to reflect the global membership.

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With a commitment to support the international community of people who provide peer support and their champions, we look forward to further growth and sharing worldwide.

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